Goldwell Topchic Permanent Color

Foxy’s chooses to use Goldwell Products because they have become a leader in the hair coloring world and have developed specific ways to help make sure that the coloring takes, especially for gray hair which sometimes has a much harder time accepting a new color. For instance, Goldwell has developed a number of other things in their effort to make hair products that do their job without being as chemical-rich as other options. While there are chemicals present, these are kept to a minimum so that you can feel safe trying out a Goldwell color even if you have a sensitive scalp.

  • 100% grey coverage-

    Improved performance for complete variety: from classic N shades, cool NA shades, intense NN shades to TriFlective Naturals. All guaranteed by the Dye Penetration and Reflects³ System.

  • Excellent Eveness-

    For beautiful, even color results from regrowth to ends. Guaranteed by the Equalizer System 2.0.  With OPTIMUM GENTLENESS – 100% performance with no compromise on gentleness – guaranteed by patented Coenzyme Technology & creamy-smooth lotion with IntraLipid.

  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY – First cool assortment on the professional hair color market from Goldwell staying cool over time – guaranteed by the innovative CoolProtect Technology.

Kenra Permanent Color

Foxy’s uses Kenra Permanent hair color for lift and deposit as well as for gray coverage. It is used to open up the cuticle layer of the hair so that the dye molecule can go inside and live in the cortex of each hair strand. Gray coverage, vibrant redheads, light and rich brunettes, and sunny blondes are all aided by the use of permeant hair color.

    • Kenra Color® incorporates Balancing Complex 5TM, a proprietary blend of five essential attributes for haircolor that is simply stunning.
  • Excellent Eveness-

    Outstanding overage and color saturation, Vibrant, long-lasting color and Up to 2X intense shine.

  • Gentle Formulation with improved condition and manageability

Gloss/Semi/Demi Products

Foxy’s uses several different lines to achieve either lowlights, toner for blondes, root smudge or color marbelizing melt.

Goldwell Luminous Gloss-For beautiful sheer blonde gloss tones in warm or cool colors. Perfect after every highlighting service to enhance and refine or for counteracting.  Luminous blonde with superior shine with maximum performance which results in lasting approximately 41% longer.

Redken Shades Eq-Perfect for toning, refreshing color and enhancing your hair’s natural shine, Redken’s Shades EQ Gloss also leaves you with healthier looking and feeling hair. Because glosses are a form of demi-permanent haircolor, they allow for color without the commitment.

  • It repairs and conditions the hair by closing and smoothing the cuticle
  • It gives both color-treated and natural hair the ultimate shine boost and softness
  • It balances the hair’s pH level after a color service or environmental damage
  • It is gentle, no-ammonia, and demi-permanent, which means no commitment and no irritation

Oway: Foxy’s uses this color line only for dimensional services, the Hcolor is the world’s first professional organic hair color formulated with the highest concentration of organic, biodynamic and fair trade ingredients.

Hcatalyst is the world’s first phytobutter-based activator fortified with rich, creamy Illipe Seed Butters, Organic Perilla Oil and Biodynamic Hibiscus Extract.

These nourishing ingredients provide extra protection for the hair and scalp, resulting in shiny, healthy color without irritation.

Our green chemists have created a beautiful balance between performance and nature with nourishing, gentle formulations that even the most sensitive clients will love.

  • 100% Ammonia Free
  • Glossy, Long Lasting Color
  • Delicate pH Respects Hair Fiber
  • Improves Hair Texture Over Time
  • Formulated with Calming Essential Oils

Kenra Permanent & Demi Color: Kenra Professional provides both permanent and demi-permanent hair color options. Permanent hair color is used for lift and deposit as well as for gray coverage. It is used to open up the cuticle layer of the hair so that the dye molecule can go inside and live in the cortex of each hair strand.Gray coverage, vibrant redheads, light and rich brunettes, and sunny blondes are all aided by the use of permeant hair color.

Kenra Color demi-permanent color is ammonia-free and for deposit-only color services. The grow-out is softer and more subtle with little to no line of demarcation, and it can be used not only as a standalone service or to refresh the mids and ends but can also be used to achieve gray blending.

  • coverage

  • Excellent Eveness

  • Optimum Gentleness

Highlighting Products

Foxy’s uses several different types of bleach for highlighting dimensions into the hair because not every person has the same hair texture. We are able to highlight baby fine hair to coarse texture hair with the array of different products evenly to achieve a clean blonde level of customer’s choice.

Goldwell Silk Lift: Lightening control technology allowing a stronger and more targeted lift. By suppressing warm undertones with clearest and most even results. Perfect conditioning through integrated IntraLipid Technology and SilkProteinComplex. For ultra-shiny, smooth, and soft hair.  Experience the best hair condition after a lightning service.

Redken Blonde Icing: Features Lumisilk Technology, preserving lipidic rate of natural hair Provides luminous shine and extreme silky condition with a gentle fragrance Soft, rich consistency offers a smooth application with maximum control.

Kenra Simply Blonde: Simply Blonde lighteners with DualBond Complex help mend the inner cuticle while simultaneously protecting and sealing the outer cuticle. The result? Enforced bonds and reduced breakage vs lighteners formulated without DualBond. Hair is healthy-looking post service.

Charcolite:  Bleaching service that contains natural graphite pigments that work to maintain a perfect healthy blonde tone. Activated Charcoal purifies the hair and scalp by eliminating impurities, leaving a shiny and shimmering hair surface to reflect light and add shine.  The charcoal lightener from difiaba is made to lighten and tone in one application, eliminating the need for toner, but on some hair types or due to prior bleaching services, toner is required.

Morracan Oil,

BlackLight: System is the key to navigating the complete spectrum of blondes effortlessly. Blacklight’s technology offers vibrant blondes, while maintaining shiny, healthy and hydrated hair.

  • Vibrant Blondes

  • Excellent Eveness

  • Optimum Gentleness

De-frizz Treatment Products

Foxy’s uses several different types of straightening treatments because not every person has the same hair texture. These treatments are suitable for extremely frizzy, damaged or chemically processed hair to create frizz-free, curly, baby fine hair to coarse texture hair.  With the array of different products, we are able to achieve the customer’s desired hair more manageably, softer and smoother, and to help prevent tangling.

Brazilian Blowout-Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, this customizable smoothing treatment actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle for up to 12 weeks!

Brazilian Blowout ExpressEnjoy 4 Weeks Of Frizz-Free Hair In 60 Minutes Or Less. Looking for a quick fix that eliminates frizz and doesn’t take a lot of time or money? If yes, the Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS is the smoothing service for you!

Tyrrel ReductLISS– A single pass hair alignment with an advanced technology.  Its formula has nanotechnology actives, complex of amino acids, D panthenol, rice proteins, hydrolyzed keratin that act on the hair fiber providing restoration of the internal structure of the fiber, promising deposition of proteins giving greater resistance. Enriched with MURUMURU vegetable butter and ANDIROBA and BURITI vegetable oils.

Tyrrel ReductLISS Blonde- A Brazilian single pass hair sealing, with a lipo replenishing complex rich in extra emollient and nourishing agents (Calamus, Myrrh,Cinnamon and Olive oil) this treatment act in synergy directly on the cuticle of the threads. It provides softness, hydration, and emollience, fighting frizz and rescuing shine. With Cupuacu Butter, Macadamia Vegetal Oil, Ucuuba and Acai indicated for devitalized dry, blonde, discolored and gray hair. It restores color and vitality to the hair strands.

S4Tec Keratin Smoothing Treatments– A transformational product line for the client who wants to reduce their curl and wave. it reduces frizz and leaves the hair smoother, softer, straighter, and more manageable for months. Unlike many of the salon keratin treatments, there is NO formaldehyde or other aldehydes.


Infinity & Flat Iron Free – For ALL HAIR TYPES including bleached, highlighted & damaged hair/slight to extreme frizz.

Extreme- For resistance/coarse/virgin/colored/curly/wavy/kinky/medium frizz (NOT for bleached highlighted, or heavily damaged hair.

Beyond- For Normal texture/colored/curly/wavy/kinky/medium frizz (NOT for bleached highlighted, or heavily damaged hair.

  • *Plant Based

    *Keratin with Amino Acids

  • Frizz Free Treatments

  • Reduce curl and wave

Deep Conditioning Service Products

Foxy’s uses several types of conditioning treatments to achieve …& shine


K18 Molecular Mist & Repair Mask- This hair treatment is a breakthrough product that utilizes advanced peptide technologies to repair and restore damaged hair. Unlike conventional treatments that only address surface damage, K18 works at the molecular level to rebuild broken hair bonds and strengthen hair from within which results in healthier, smoother, and more resilient hair that is less prone to breakage, split ends, and dullness.

A key benefit of K18 hair treatment is its ability to work on all hair types, including color-treated, textured, and chemically processed hair. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula makes it easy to incorporate into your daily haircare routine, and it is safe for regular use without causing buildup or weighing hair down.

A unique aspect of K18 is that it does not simply coat the hair to make it look healthy, it actually repairs the hair structure. It’s like treating the root cause of hair damage rather than just superficially treating the symptoms. K18 hair treatment is more than just a quick fix – it effectively restores damaged hair for long-term results that you can see and feel.

Brazilain Blowout Rewind: This treatment takes years off maturing hair utilizing clinically proven actives combined with isolated plant proteins to effectively rebuild each strand from the inside out, restoring the look, feel, and manageability of glossy, resilient, noticeably more youthful hair. The treatment is created for all hair textures—wavy, straight, curly, and coily. Also, softens wiry hair—tames gray, silver, and non-pigmented hair for a softer, smoother, more consistency.

Brazilian B3 Bond Builder Demi Permanent Conditioner : This is a one-step bond-building hair treatment. Aiming to prevent and reverse hair damage from color and chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental agressors.

The Brazilian Blowout B3 treatment is a liquid keratin formula tht bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand. It diminishes frizz, seals the cuticle, and protects against external damage.  The treatment realigns all three bonds that make up the hair, including the disulphide bonds, salt bonds, and hydrogen bonds.

Tyrell Fiber Protein Post Chemical Shampoo & Moisturizing Mask: Acts in recovering the hydric charge and reducing the effects of porosity in the hair fiber. Its action is immediate with regard to the instantaneous replacement of proteins and cuticle repair agents, significantly improving hair quality from the very first application.

Urban Alchemy Signature Cleanse: Signature Cleanse is a deep cleansing treatment infused with Vitamin C to help remove buildup from the hair in less than 10 minutes. Helps to optimize the pH level of the hair to enhance the performance of restorative and reparative treatments.

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Deep cleansing treatment with vitamin C base.
  • Helps to optimize the pH level of the hair.
  • Helps to prevent oxidative stress and hair discoloration caused by UV light exposure.
  • Helps to prevent bleached hair from green tones deriving from chlorine water.
  • Removes buildup to enhance the performance of restoring and repairing treatments.
  • Prepares hair for any chemical treatment and increases color performance.
  • Formulated without sulfates, parabens, microplastic and ingredients from animal origin.
  • For professional use only.

Urban Alchemy Salt Scrub Treatment & Conditioner Combo:

Salt Scrub Treatment:

Deep cleansing shampoo treatment infused with our signature blend sea spa complex. A combination of sea salt and seaweed extract providing moisture and deep cleanse to the hair. A gentle exfoliating scrub to help remove dead skin cells and residues caused by the build up of styling products.

  • Deep cleansing shampoo with sea salt exfoliator.
  • Scrubbing effect through salt crystals.
  • Helps to remove buildup from hair.
  • Perfect preparation for conditioner or mask.
  • Provides moisture to hair and scalp through seaweed extracts and wheat protein.
  • Formulated without parabens, microplastic and ingredients from animal origin.

Hydrating and Soothing Conditioner:

Hydrating and soothing conditioner is the perfect moisturizing compliment to the salt scrub cleanse. Seaweed extracts and pro-vitamin B5 help to condition and moisturize the hair to improve its natural shine. One liter sized bottle for back bar use.


  • Provides moisture to hair and scalp
  • Deep moisturizing / conditioning seaweed extracts and pro-vitamin B5
  • Restores a natural shine to the hair
  • Formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens, microplastic and ingredients from animal origin
  • Deep Conditioners

  • Detoxifying Hair Treatments

  • Enhanced health & shine for hair

Extension Service Products

Foxy’s uses several types of Extension Methods

Halo Couture

  • Lightweight

  • Variety of Colors to choose.

  • options